How To Make a Sustainable DIY Candle

Don't throw out your old candle jars! Give your old candle jars a new life in a few easy steps with our Sustainable Candle Making Kit.

Our sustainable kits mean that no new candle jars are being manufactured for seasonal trends, only to be thrown away after one use! Our kits give you the freedom to follow your own trend and customise your own candle to suit your home décor by using a vessel you already own that matches your style.


    Find all of these materials in our Sustainable Candle Making Kit:

    • a vessel of your choice (old candle jar, ceramic bowl, heat proof glass, jam jar, large natural sea shell)
    • soy wax
    • wicks
    • wick stickers
    • wick bar
    • stirring stick

    What Else Can I Turn Into a Candle?

    You can repurpose a lot of old items you own into beautiful candles. Not to mention, you'll save a lot of money on highly priced candles made with the same candle making supplies!

    You can create 1 larger 200g candle (use two wicks if your jar is more than 10cm in diameter) or two 100g candles with a partner.

    Here are some ideas!

    • ceramic bowls
    • enamel cups and mugs
    • tea cups
    • crystal glasses
    • jam jar
    • vintage apothecary jar
    • clam shell
    • concrete vessel


    Step 1 - Prep the Jar

    Find an old candle jar and clean it thoroughly. Once your jar is clean, apply the wick sticker to the bottom of the wick tab and firmly attach the wick to the centre of your new candle vessel. Place the wick bar over the wick to keep it centred and secure.

    Hot Tip

    For old candle jars, pour hot water over the residual wax and let it sit for a few hours. The wax will float to the top forming a hard disc which you can remove and discard.

    Step 2 - Melt the Wax

    Melt the wax over medium heat using the double boiler method. Simply half fill a pot with water and bring it to a simmer. Add your wax to a heat proof jar and place it into the simmering water to melt. Do not mix wax and water.

    Once melted, add the fragrance oil and allow the wax to cool for about 5 minutes. Aim for a temperature between 50-55 degrees Celsius if you have a thermometer nearby. 

    Step 3 - Pour the Wax

    Slowly pour the wax into the jar. Allow the wax to set for a minimum of 24 hours. 

    If there are any imperfections on your candle's surface, use a heat tool or blow dryer (with adult supervision) to gently melt and smooth the surface, then allow to cool and set.


    Candle Care Tips

    Don't forget these hot tips to maximise the life of your candles:

    • Trim wick to 6mm before lighting
    • Light on heat-proof non-flammable surface
    • Place burning candles 10cm apart
    • Do not move a burning candle
    • Never leave a burning candle unattended
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets
    • Avoid exposure to drafts and direct sunlight

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