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Top 5 Hottest Candle Making Trends of 2021

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Candle Making has taken off over the last 2 years. Most of us have been at home due to lockdown for a large part of 2021 and we’ve found a new appreciation for the common household staple – candles. We’ve even started making our own candles.

The endless hours spent scrolling on Tik Tok and Instagram have shown us that anyone can become a candle maker. We’ve narrowed down the hottest candle making trends of 2021 and these are our top picks!

1. Candle Making Kits

candle kit with candle making supplies

Our Studio Artifact Candle Making Kits are affordable and have made it really accessible for everyone to try candle making at home. Our DIY candle kits come with all the supplies you need to make your own scented candles at home including:

  • reusable silicone moulds
  • coconut soy wax
  • wicks and tools
  • wax dye and
  • fragrance oils

We’ve taken all the hard work out so you don’t have to waste time and money sourcing candle supplies on your own. We’ve even included step by step instructions and video candle making tutorials to share the candle making experience with you.

Candle Making Kits are perfect for beginners looking to start a new hobby or try and test out candle making before committing to a fulltime candle making gig. Our kits are also great for experienced candlemakers who want to experiment with new designs and candle making techniques.

2. Bubble Candle

aesthetic bubble candle

We’ve all seen a satisfying ASMR video on TikTok, unmoulding the bubble candle. The Pinterest aesthetic bubble candle has been super popular in 2021. While it can be burned, the bubble candle is mainly used as a decorative sculptural piece on bookshelves, coffee tables and nightstands.

bubble candle kit

Don’t be fooled, these trendy candles can get pricey! Why overpay for ONE bubble candle when you can purchase Studio Artifacts DIY Bubble Candle Making Kit and learn how to make THREE of your very own scented bubble candles at home. If you're not convinced, here's a tutorial on just how easy it is!


3. Female Body Candle

The ladies have well and truly gotten into formation this year, thanks Beyoncé. These trendy female body candles don’t only serve looks, they change shape as they burn and serve as a reminder to embrace our perfectly imperfect bodies and are a symbol for body positivity and girl power!

female body candle kit Australia

Try making these gorgeous female figure candles on your next self-care Sunday with our Torso Candle Making Kit. Our candle kit comes with all the supplies you need to make 3 female body candles. Choose from our Colourful Kit which makes pink, purple and blue body candles or our Neutral Kit which makes brown, honey and grey body candles.  

4. Crystal Candles

crystal infused candles

Source: Cleanse and Renew Pinterest

Whether or not you believe in the manifesting and healing power of crystals, you can’t deny that crystal infused candles are a vibe! Each crystal has a unique meaning making crystal candles the perfect sentimental gift for your friends and family! Not to mention, they look stunning. Essentially, you’re projecting good energy for whatever they want to manifest into their life with a gorgeous crystal candle. They can be used to set intentions and daily rituals. Once the candles finish burning you can add the crystals to your collection.

5. Sustainable Candles

So you’ve probably noticed that only 1 of our 5 picks uses the traditional candle in a jar candle making method – the crystal candles. That’s because candle makers are thinking outside of the box and using more sustainable methods in candle making. We’ve started a sustainable candle making challenge with our Sustainable Candle Making Kit to ignite creativity and eco-consciousness in the candle making industry.

sustainable candle kit Australia

Our Sustainable Candle Making Kit comes with everything you need to make a candle, except for the jar. That’s right, we challenge you to REUSE an old candle jar, ceramic bowl, mug or any heatproof dish you have into a new candle. Get creative and give your old candle jars a facelift with some paint, stickers or vinyl decals to create a new candle.

We love our sustainable candle kit because you can make two 100g candles with a partner or make one 200g candle on your own. Either way, we know you’re going to have so much fun making your own candle while contributing to sustainable candle making practices. 

 sustainable candle made from old jar

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