top ten christmas candle making gifts

10 Best Candle Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for Christmas 2021

Raise your hand if you’ve ever received a candle for Christmas! Me too! Everyone loves a good candle but it’s so predictable.

Think outside the box this festive season and gift a unique hands-on candle making experience with Studio Artifacts easy to use DIY Candle Making Kits. Our kits are a gift they definitely won’t expect or forget!

Take a look at our favourite candle making kits to gift friends and family this Christmas and create a little magic.

1. Bubble Candle Making Kit for the Creative Friend

Let creativity take over with our Bubble Candle Making Kit and create three completely custom candles that no one else has. We love this DIY at home candle kit because you can create 3 unique designs using the candle making supplies included inside. Try making a solid colour candle or tonal ombre candles by layering different colours of wax to create a gradient effect.

Choose from our Neutral or Colourful Bubble Candle Making Kit and watch our video tutorial on how to make an ombre layered bubble candle in 4 easy steps.

bubble candle making kit with silicone mould

2. Zig Zag Candle Making Kit for the Bold Friend

Our Zig Zag Candle Making Kit is the perfect Christmas gift for that ‘out there’ friend who can strike a conversation with anyone. This DIY candle making kit creates striking geometric candles that are sure to be a conversation starter.

Watch our tutorial on how to make a tonal zig zag candle by mixing multiple colours of wax together. This is a great activity for couples or to do with a partner as extra hands help to pour different colours of wax.

at home zig zag candle making kit

3. Coconut Bowl Candle Making Kit for the Boho Friend

Our coconut bowl candles are made from 100% natural coconut shells making a great sustainable gift for your eco conscious friends. Our Coconut Bowl Candle Making Kits make the perfect boho décor piece for any bohemian or coastal inspired space. Once the coconut bowl candle has finished burning the shells can be repurposed to store keys, jewellery, crystals or decorative ornaments.

Learn just how simple it is to follow our tutorial on how to make a coconut bowl candle at home in 3 quick steps.

natural eco friendly coconut bowl candle making kit 

4. Torso Candle Making Kit for the Trendy Friend

If your friend loves a good Instagram aesthetic and follows all the latest trends they will love this DIY Torso Candle Making Kit that creates three trendy female body torso candles. This DIY home candle kit gives you bang for your buck as it allows you to make 3 candles instead of paying for one overpriced female body candle. Not to mention, you’re gifting a memorable candle making experience. These candles look amazing styled on a shelf or bedside table and look even cooler transforming shape when they burn!


female body torso candle making supplies kit

5. Sustainable Candle Making Kit for the Eco-Friendly Friends

Our Sustainable Candle Making Kit is perfect for your friend that’s passionate about the environment and a sustainable lifestyle. This eco friendly candle making kit is super fun because it challenges them to create a sustainable candle by repurposing an old jar, bowl or mug into a candle. It means no extra candle jars are and labels are mass manufactured only to be used once and disposed of.

You can gift this kit as a fun activity for your friend to do or make the candle yourself and personalise the upcycled candle jar with paint, vinyl name decals or cute sustainable wrapping. This candle kit allows you to kill two birds with one stone by making two 100g candles to gift to two friends. If you prefer a larger candle, simply use all of the wax to make one 200g candle. Watch our easy to follow video tutorial on how to make a sustainable DIY candle.

eco friendly sustainable candle making kit with supplies

6. Natural Sea Shell Candle Making Kit for the Couple

Our Natural Sea Shell Candle Making Kit comes in a Twin Pack making it a great hands on activity for couples or to do with a partner. The real deep scallop sea shells can be reused and make aesthetic jewellery holders. Learn how to make natural sea shell candles in 3 quick steps at home.

natural deep scallop sea shell candle making kit

7. Let them Choose a Candle Making Experience with a Gift Card

You've got a lot to choose from. We know Christmas gifting can be difficult so we've made it easy to surprise your friends and family with a memorable experience with the wow factor thanks to our Studio Artifact Gift Cards

We've made candle making accessible and fun for everyone with our no-guesswork-required kits complete with professional candle making supplies including premium soy and coconut soy wax, reusable silicone moulds, fragrance oils, wax dye, wicks and tools and video tutorials with written instructions.

Select an option that suits your budget and let your loved ones choose the candle making experience they like the most. Our gift cards are valid for a year and can be used towards any of our products. 

Candle Making Christmas Stocking Stuffers Under $30

Need a little something extra for your stocking stuffers but stuck for ideas? We've got the perfect candle making stocking fillers all under $30 that won't break the bank to add some extra magic to Christmas this year.

8. Candle Making Wax

We know you're friends and family are going to love their candle making kits so we've got you covered with Extra Wax so they can continue reusing their silicone moulds to make more candles. Each 250g pack of extra coconut soy wax comes with a 60cm braided cotton wick that fits all of our moulds. All of our wax is natural, non-toxic and vegan.

natural premium coconut soy wax for candle making

9. Zig Zag Silicone Candle Making Mould

Our Zig Zag Silicone Candle Making Mould is a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer under $30 for budding candle makers or anyone looking for a new hobby. This reusable mould can be used with a range of materials including candle making wax, resin, jesmonite, concrete and plaster to make functional and decorative candles, decorative sculptures and photography props.

zig zag silicone mould for candle making

10. Wave Silicone Candle Making Mould

Ride the candle making wave with our Wave Silicone Candle Making Mould, an affordable Christmas stocking filler under $30. This versatile mould can be used to make vertical or horizontal candles and fits snug into Christmas stockings. 

reusable wave silicone candle making mould

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