best candles for mothers day 2022

The Best Mother's Day Candles 2022

Every mum loves a good candle! But what do mums love even more? Some effort! Because let's face it - "no one helps me out around here"! We've all heard that one before... so we've come up with a list of candles to gift your mum this Mother's Day. Not just any old candles, but candles which show that you've put some effort and thought into this Mother's Day gift!

"How do candles show effort," I hear you ask. All of these candles are lovingly hand made with the best candle making supplies by YOU, using our DIY Candle Making Kits! Each Candle Making Kit is curated with professional and easy to use candle making supplies for you to make your very own custom candles at home! You can gift your mum the beautiful handmade candles this Mother's Day or gift the Candle Making Kit as a wholesome self-care experience your mum will love!

"Got it From My Mama" Candle

best candle for mothers day 2022

The gold leaf female body candle is a great way to remind your mum to connect with her feminine energy and that she is a goddess! Grab the Gold Leaf Female Body Candle Making Kit and make 3 beautiful candles and decorate them with gold leaf. This kit includes all the candle making supplies you need to make a natural, pink and brown female body candle. This 3 in 1 candle kit is perfect for Mother's Day if you have a few extra special women in your life who are mums because you can gift a candle to each of them!

If you think it looks hard, check out our step by step tutorial on How to Make a Gold Leaf Female Body Candle and watch our video tutorial to see just how easy and fun it is to make your own candle at home!

"I'm Nuts About You" Candle

best mothers day candle 2022

If you'd love to take your mum on a tropical island getaway for Mother's Day but don't have the budget for it, the Coconut Bowl Candle is the perfect gift for your mum! Grab our Coconut Bowl Candle Making Kit and transport your mum to a beautiful tropical oasis this Mother's Day without the uncomfortable flight, pandemic mask and price tag. This coconut candle is super easy to create, making it the perfect DIY gift for Mother's Day!

Check out what our customers had to say. 

best mothers day candle gifts

"You Make Everything Better" Candle

top candles for mothers day gift

Mum's make everything better! Our Sustainable Candle Making Kit does the same for only $35! Find an old candle jar, ceramic bowl, glass cup or any heat proof dish and make it better by turning it into a new candle! All you need to do is add some wicks, melt the wax and let it set. Add a Mother's Day card that tells your mum she makes everything better, just like our sustainable candle. 

The Sustainable Kit comes with enough supplies to make one 200g candle or two 100g candles! Turn this candle gift into an experience you can share together on Mother's Day. 

best candle gifts for mothers day 2022

More One of a Kind Mother's Day Gifts

Check out our Candle Making Kits and Moulds to make your mum a truly special one of a kind gift this Mother's Day! 

Wave Candle Making Kit

unique gift for mothers day 2022

Bubble Candle Making Kit 

unique candles for mothers day 2022

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