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  • gold leaf female body candle making kit
  • DIY female body candle making kit with gold leaf
  • DIY female body candle decorated with gold leaf
  • colourful female body candles gilded with gold leaf
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Gold Leaf Female Body Candle Making Kit | Limited Edition

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Don't Just Gift a Candle, Gift a Candle Making Experience

Our Gold Leaf Female Body Candle Making Kit is the perfect DIY self-care experience to gift the special women in your life on Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries or just because. Don't forget to treat yo self too! 

This candle making kit comes with gold leaf flakes and all the candle making supplies you need to make your own gilded female body candle at home. Decorate your handmade candle with gold leaf and embrace your feminine energy. 

16 Piece Candle Making Supplies

  • 1 x reusable female body silicone mould
  • 3 x coconut soy wax
  • 3 x wicks
  • 3 x fragrance oil (coconut milk, crisp apple & oak, peony blossom & peach nectar)
  • 1 x gold leaf flakes
  • 1 x pink wax dye
  • 1 x brown wax dye
  • 1 x stirring stick
  • 1 x wick bar
  • 1 x instruction card

Each kit makes one 70g candle.

One Mould, Endless Candles 

Our reusable silicone female body candle making moulds are designed to be reused.

Add some Extra Wax or our Sustainable Candle Making Kit to your order and make more trendy female body candles to gift to your friends.

Shipping Is On Us

Our Aussie customers receive free standard shipping on all Candle Making Kits and Candle Making Moulds

How to Make a Gold Leaf Female Body Candle 

1. Wick It

Insert the wick through the hole in the silicone mould and centre it with the wick bar.

2. Melt the Wax

Melt the wax over medium heat using a double boiler. Add fragrance oil and wax dye (optional).

3. Pour the Wax

Slowly pour the wax into the mould and allow to set.

4. Demould & Decorate

Once your candle is set, gently pull all parallel sides of the mould away from the wax to release your sculptural masterpiece. Using a soft brush or the unused end of your stirring stick, gently adhere the gold leaf to the wax figure in the design of your choice!

Watch Our Video Tutorial & Become an Expert

Follow our quick tutorial and learn How to Make a Gold Leaf Female Body Candle at home. Make a pink, tonal or natural wax look body candle with a partner or solo using our Gold Leaf Female Body Candle Making Kit Gift Set!

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